Psych medieval band Circulus peform in town

THE entertaining and in many quarters revered medieval folk band Circulus play a rare gig in Louth upstairs at Kai's Bar on Saturday from 8pm.

Led by visionary Michael Tyack the band have almost single handedly reinvented late 60s psych medieval folk here in the UK, reminiscent of bands like Incredible String Band, Fairport Convention and Amazing Blondel with three acclaimed and brilliant albums in the last five years.

They use a mix of modern and medieval instruments, such as the lute, cittern, crumhorn and rauschpfeife, along with the moog synthesizer, bass and electric guitars to create their wild, fun music.

This South London band are also well known for dressing as though they were playing gigs in the 17th century.

Their first album The Lick of A Tip of An Envelope Yet To Be Sent was recently listed in the Top 100 albums of last decade by The Times.

They've been celebrated by everyone from BBC2's Culture Show to the Observer, who called them 'undoubtedly the best psychedelic neo-medieval folk rock band in Britain'.

Support comes from talented singer/guitarist Katie Abbott. Tickets are 8 on the door or 7 in advance from Off the Beaten Tracks record shop, 36 Aswell Street, Louth. Details: Call 01507 607677.

The concert was initially planned to take place at the British Legion but has been moved to Kai's Bar, Kidgate.