REVIEW: Louth People’s Orchestra concert

The orchestra. Photo: Karen Scott.
The orchestra. Photo: Karen Scott.
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A sizeable and appreciative audience enjoyed a fine afternoon of music at the Louth People’s Orchestra concert on Sunday afternoon (November 10).

Musical Director Susan Grant explained that the orchestra is a ‘community’ orchestra which welcomes any instrumentalist to come along and join in the fun.

A programme to suit all tastes had been put together to include symphonies by Mozart and Haydn alongside lighter pieces such as a selection from The Sound of Music and Singin’ in the Rain. All these were played with confidence and with attention to tone, intonation and rhythm that was commendable.

An extra dimension of the concert was that various sections of the orchestra were able to come to the fore in several pieces. It was good to hear the harmonica featured at the start of Scott Joplin’s The Entertainer, Chariots of Fire had a prominent trumpet solo and the confident cello section shone very well in The Rose by Amanda McBroom. The 2nd violin section also had two (rare!) moments of glory in the The Sound of Music, rising to the occasion magnificently.

Two guest quintets added variety to the afternoon – the first – Stringing Along was made up of string players from the orchestra and played three Gershwin pieces. The cleverly named Flute Salad played a selection of Disney pieces and gave us the opportunity to enjoy the mellow tone of the alto flute alongside its higher pitched cousins.

Susan Grant is to be congratulated for leading this fine ensemble and for fulfilling a need for such an orchestra in the Louth area. This was a very pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Those interested in joining the Louth People’s Orchestra should ring Amanda on 01507 356814 or Terry on 01507 450264 or 01507 473637.

Review by Andrew Marshall.