VIDEO: Mablethorpe Train Station boomed in the 1960s

TAKE a trip back in time as we look back on the old Louth to Mablethorpe railway line, which is sadly no more.

This video, produced by local film-makers Visions, looks back at the booming Mablethorpe Railway Station in the 1960s.

Mablethorpe's old railway station.

Mablethorpe's old railway station.

Built by farmers and tradesmen in October 1877, the railway line was ran at a loss until it was sold on to Great Northern just two years later.

The branch line from Willoughby was added to the route a year earlier, travelling to and from Sutton on Sea, but was not extended to Mablethorpe until 1892.

Visions say a Ben Simon Sithen of the Bacchus Hotel in Sutton on Sea, operated a coach service between Sutton and Mablethorpe and would ride with the Mablethorpe Stationmaster, the first of which was a John Watson and later a D Oxby.

Mablethorpe had its own engine and crew and apart from excursions, there were seven trains each way, with an additional long goods train.

The line sadly closed in December 1960 and within a few days the tracks in the station were torn up, and no trains have ever returned.

This video, originally on YouTube, can be viewed here.

“It’s a shame this service is not still used,” said one viewer.

Another added: “What a shame it’s all gone.”


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