06/12/06 - Roselea Sherer

THE FUNERAL of Roselea Sherer, 18, who died whilst on holiday in Australia, was held at St Helen's Church, Swinhope, on November 27.

Born in Shrewsbury, Rose was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis shortly after her birth and was on medication for the whole of her life.

She moved with her family to Brookenby when she was four and went to East Ravendale Primary School and later De Aston in Market Rasen.

Rose had to take substantial amounts of medication permanently and, from the age of 10, had to go to hospital once a year for antibiotics to be taken intravenously directly into her lungs.

As she got older, she was discovered to be slightly asthmatic and had to carry an inhaler with her at all times.

She was a member of Brocklesby Pony Club and represented them in various events, although she mainly concentrated on 'showing'. In one season she won 28 trophies!

When she was 16, Rose went first to Wales to work at an animal rescue centre and then, for the 18 months before her death, she was in a business partnership in Devon, buying, breaking, schooling and reselling ponies, as well as riding and showing them herself.

She hoped to be able to ride professionally and, at the time of her death, had been planning to return to Lincolnshire to ride for some of the top pony producers in this area.

Earlier this year, Rose, who had known all her life that she was going to die young, realised her condition was deteriorating as she developed diabetes and was becoming immune to the antibiotics she took to control her condition.

She fulfilled a long-held ambition to travel to Australia by going with a friend, visiting Singapore en route.

However, while she was there, she picked up a virus the antibiotics could not destroy and, whilst in hospital in Sydney on November 7 awaiting a heart and lung transplant, died before a donor could be found.

Funloving, with a wicked sense of humour, Rose was extremely determined to make the best of her life and achieve all she could - even if her life was to be a short one.

On several occasions she rode, even though she had an intravenous line attached to her feeding antibiotics into her lungs.

She will be missed by all who knew and loved her.

Funeral arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen and the service was conducted by the Rev Trevor Walker.

Mourners: Family: Heidi Sherer (mother); Oban, Aaron and Jasmine Sherer (brothers and sister) and Trixie-Belle; Jean Sinclair (grandmother); Margaret Ellis (aunt) also rep Paul, Steven and Sarah; Christine Croft (aunt) also rep Peter, Tracey, Max and Toby; Christina and Wilma Fisher (cousins), Erica and Karen Singleton (cousins).

Emma, Rosie and Diane Gardner; Irene Sharlotte (also rep Tony); Ann Sharlotte (also rep Anna and Paris); Gemma Mumby (also rep Darren, Sarah, Ryan and Ben); Andrew Watson (also rep Sarah and Charlie); Tracey London (also rep her family); Gavin Davidson (also rep Joanne and Lea); Louise Pickering (also rep Jackie and Edward Burns); Holly Pickering (also rep Chloe and Poppy); James Kendall; Jason Lakeing, Jared Stennet; Rufus Theobald; Callie Lakeing (also rep Lorraine); Christopher Thompson (also rep Jason); Joanne Thompson; Carol Renwick (also rep Brian, Peter and Robbie); Mary, James and John Diggens; Geoff Brumpton; Yorkie; Miss C Umpleby; Miss S Read; Miss E Roberts; Miss J Harrison; Miss Muriel Shaw; Miss K Nibloe; Miss K Field; B Field; Mrs R Read; A Cook; Mrs H Parkes; Mrs H Woodall; Miss G Carson; B and J Massey-Dales; Mr and Mrs J and S Isaacs; D Fuller; Mrs C Fuller; Miss F Fuller; Mr and Mrs R Mallinson; Mrs V Mallinson; Mr Mallinson; Mrs M Sanderson (also rep C and G Sanderson); Miss S Lane; Miss E Omond-Tong; Mrs MR Burt (also rep Brocklesby Pony Club); Miss KJ Jones; Miss T Scarfe; Mrs S Atkinson; Mr and Mrs J and M Toyne; Miss L Thompson; Miss E McCloud; Mrs C Middleton; Miss S Butler; Mrs V Brackenburgh; Mr and Mrs D Sinclair; P and J Sinclair; Miss H Franklin; Miss S Eddowes; Miss V Eddowes; B Spencley; S Spencley; Miss S Wylde; Miss J Foster-Campbell; Mrs AS Foster-Campbell; J McGrath; Miss A Taylor; A Bendin; Mrs D Singleton; Mrs T Theobald; Miss S Pugh; Mrs J Pugh; D Wales; Miss J Burt (also rep CJM Cottingham); C Scatcherd; Miss S Kirkwood; Mrs L Kirkby (also rep L Kirkby); Mrs J Dowle; Mrs A Hudson (also rep the Hudson family and Brocklesby Hunt Car Followers); C Rignall; Mr and Mrs P Gillin; Mrs D Francis; Mrs D Shiner (also rep Brookenby Youth Club); Miss J Cook; B Sinclair (also rep Mrs J Sinclair); Miss L Pickering; Mrs J Hill (also rep S Toohill, Mrs Ella Beck and family and Mrs Malkim and family); Mrs Margaret Ambler (also rep the staff and pupils of East Ravendale Primary School).