5/11/08 - Frederick Frost

THE sudden death occurred of Frederick George Frost at his home in Ulceby on September 22.

Both Fred and his partner Robin Leak were well known within Lincolnshire and surrounding counties for their artistic and humorous presentations in support of local and national charities.

Over the years their work for Lincolnshire churches and chapels was prolific, often highlighting Fred's love of the work of Alfred Lord Tennyson.

Fred, born in Paddington in war torn London, had a typical fragmented young life, the instability of secure homes and subsequent evacuation to his now beloved Norfolk, which he came to share with Robin over the years.

A modest, gentle, happy, smiling man, Fred bore the love of theatre in his veins.

Aged eight his first poem was read on BBC Radio's Uncle Mac's programme, followed at age 10 by him writing two playlets and recording one of them with Pet Clark.

His younger life then saw him appearing in seaside revues and then proudly being on the boards and backroom at the Players Theatre in London with such names as Hattie Jacques, Clive Dunne and John Hanson.

Robin and Fred met 30 years ago when Robin was attached to the Home Office whilst in the police service.

Some five years later, when both retired from their careers, Fred became a Yellow Belly and thus cemented an enduring partnership.

From a Thimbleby guesthouse at High Meadow the couple sought out mutual talents.

They appeared together with poetry and flowers throughout the North Midlands area of the National Association of Flower Arrangement Societies.

Fred, in his own right, was an active member on the Louth Playgoers stage and also in reviews and amateur dramatics at the Embassy Theatre, Skegness.

Not only was he a well respected character performer from panto dame to Shakespeare but also a prolific writer of plays, articles and regrettably unfinished books for over 30 years.

He was much loved by his family, son Jason with Louise, daughter Julie with Colin and grandson Daniel and deeply missed by his partner Robin.

Fred was so very proud of all his family's achievements.

His artistic and creative legacy will live on.

The service, which was held at St James Church, Louth on October 3, was led by Canon Stephen Holdaway who knew Fred and Robin well.

Tributes were paid by The Rev Norman Carr, Frank Reynolds, Barbara Pickerill, Tony Miller and Heather Rodgers.

Family mourners attending: Mr Robin Leak, partner; Mr Jason Frost and Louise, son and daughter-in-law; Julie, Colin and Daniel Saltmarsh, daughter and son-in-law and grandson; Mrs Shirley Frost and Tom, sister-in-law and partner; Jimmy and Sue Frost, nephew and wife; Valerie and Shirley, cousin and husband.

Others attending: Margery and Peter Maddison (also rep Brook and Christine Vickers); Jean Shuck, Ann Barnes, Archie and Sue Ayre, Emma Metcalf (also rep Steve and Jasmine); Lou and Doreen Atherton and Terry Clark; Joyce R Bryan, Kath Riggall, Olive Wilson, Mrs J Read, Mrs J Rodgers, Mrs D Clapham, Mrs Ruth Blanchard, Bob and Audrey Reddington, Rev and Mrs N Carr, Pamela Ragg, Kathleen Elson, Pippa Malloy Hill, Di Flower, Jo Wilson, Mrs Judy Gowlland, Shirley Cuthbertson, Clare Marris, Mr and Mrs Michael Bull, Mrs Shelagh Barnes, Carolyn Wise (Notts), Harold Davis, Olivia Hurton, Albert and Mavis Maw (also rep Betty Allan); Jane and John Dickinson, Tony and Margaret Neale, Margaret Fairburn (also rep David); Mrs Ann Downer, Ron Arrowsmith (also rep Hazel Arrowsmith); Marion Alibaster, Anita Moffett, Marek Bilecki, Mr and Mrs Derek Woods, Mr and Mrs Dinsdale, Mr and Mrs C Vickers, Mr and Mrs A Dean, Shiela Warsop (also rep Ian and Tonia Warsap); Graham Allison, Victoria Whitehead, Margery and Peter Everett, George Crook, Tim and Katie Everett, Roger and Val Reeve, Martin Chapman, Mrs June Laughton (also rep Brian Laughton and Utterby WI); Mrs Christine Calham, Linda Seymour, J Gowshall, Christine Earl, Mrs Sue Smith, Mr and Mrs Oldfield, Barbara and Ned Pickerill, Michael Beaumont, Margaret Pycroft, Heather Rodgers, Glyn and Caroline Morris, Polly and Phil Sturnman, Janet Welch (also rep President and Committee of ARC); Mike and Joan Baumber, Valerie and George Butcher, Janet Pinder (also rep James Needley of John Barkers); Ann and Chris Harcombe, Mrs G Dobson, Mr and Mrs D Jobe, Barbara Vickers, Jill Day, Stephen Eyre, Ann and David English, Laura and Richard Lowe (also rep Matthew and Joanne Pearson and family); May Bennett, Mr and Mrs Terry Ringrose, Margaret Brown, Marigold Chisnall, Sandra Thorp, Mrs Alison Burrows, Vivienne Hallberg, Mr and Mrs Richard Ingleton, Mr and Mrs B Newton, John Lill (also rep Maureen Lill and Louth Playgoers Society); Mrs J Date and Mrs Whapham Mr and Mrs E Summers, John and Ann Crossley, Barbara and John Smith, Pauline Perkins (also rep Sue Dean and Cath Norton); Gill Hart (also rep John Shaw); Sheila Pickering (also rep The Poplars and Ted Taylor); Wendy Hobson (also rep Lindsey Stuffins and Craig Hobson); Nancy Alcock (also rep Diane Brookes); Alan and Jenny Fox, Rita and Dave Wilson, Tony Miller and Zoe Jephcott, Mrs Avril Wells, Rita Mills, Louth Flower Lovers; Ann Appleby (also rep Gill, Diana, Wendy and Susan); Mrs Judy Phillips (also rep Mrs Joan Fenwick); Mrs Shirley Howard, Ken Leighton, Amy and Dave Moore, Keith Warsap, Susan and Katie, Anne Driver, Marjorie Borman, Pam Holborn, Joyce Utley, Jennifer Goodwin, Jean and David Black, Michael and Sadie Follows, Ann Snowdon (also rep Dennis); Robert and May Kirby, Mrs Eileen Gayne (also rep Utterby WI); Mrs Margaret Brader, Mrs J Bett, David and Valerie Cooper, Christine and Brian Cliffe (also rep Shirley, Helen and Richard Long); Barrie Latimer, Mrs Susan Hezzell, Pauline Clues, Anne, Sue and Martin Morris, Gary and Amanda Hissey, Brian Gutherson, Peter and Joyce Layfield, Ken and Jean Patience, Mr and Mrs G Walsh, Mr and Mrs P Smith, Frank and Jean Reynolds, Joan Woodhead, Anne Dame (also rep Grimsby Flower Lovers); Jim Urquhart, Joyce Layton (also rep Patrick McGrath); Valerie Heron, Jill Stainton (also rep John); Susannah and Victoria, Pat and Hilary King (also rep Jillian and Tony); Charlie and Kathleen Low, Janet and Brian Carr, Diane Howell (also rep the girls at All Occasions); Jennifer Hippisley (also rep Rose and Graham Leak); Sue Young, Barry Young, Sarah Burrell, Jennifer Nelson, Charles and Valda Dobson, Colin and Hannah East, Trevor and Barbara Carpenter, Jane and John Wilkinson, Doreen Stephenson, Barbara Saweard and many others.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-op Funeral Services, Mablethorpe.