Aldi now own Louth’s Newbridge Hill site with demolition to begin in May

Property director of Aldi stores Mark Taylor.
Property director of Aldi stores Mark Taylor.

Supermarket giant Aldi now officially own the Newbridge Hill old Malt Kiln site in Louth and demolition will begin in May.

Aldi signed the deal of purchase in February and own the entire Malt Kiln site.

Planning permission was granted by East Lindsey District Council in December 2013 and the last few months has seen the company go through a detailed tender process and demolition specialists Fry Demolition have been appointed to undertake the mammoth task of knocking down the old Malt Kiln building.

Aldi also have their own set of in-house construction managers and engineers who will work alongside Fry Demolition.

Property director of Aldi stores, Mark Taylor explained that “Construction will take shape in two phases.

“Phase one will be the demolition phase which we expect will take an estimated five to six months to complete and phase two will see the actual construction of the Aldi store which will take another six months.”

Aldi are planning to demolish the Malt Kiln by taking the building inwards only.

Aldi are currently in discussions with the local authorities in regards to the possibility of partial road closures on Newbridge Hill, but these discussions are still on-going.

Letters informing residents living in Newbridge Hill will also be sent out by Aldi prior to the beginning of demolition, informing them of what will happen.

Mark added: “We are expecting to start recruiting jobs for our new store in August and we will be offering between 35/40 jobs.

“We are planning to have the store open by Spring 2015.