BREAKING: Louth dog rapist narrowly avoids prison

Wayne Bryson arrives at Skegness Magistrates Court for sentencing.  (Photo: John Aron)
Wayne Bryson arrives at Skegness Magistrates Court for sentencing. (Photo: John Aron)

A man from Louth has narrowly avoided an immediate custodial sentence today, following sentencing at Skegness Magistrates Court. Wayne Bryson, 19, of Harveys Lane, was given a four-month suspended sentence and was warned that he will go to prison if he commits any further offences in the next two years.

Bryson had already pleaded guilty to performing an act of sexual penetration upon a female Staffordshire bull terrier, belonging to his then-girlfriend, on January 17 this year.

He filmed the act, and the 30-seconds of footage was found on his mobile phone two days later by his girlfriend at her home after Bryson has gone upstairs to bed. She immediately confronted him and demanded that he left the property.

She later contacted the police, who arrested Bryson, and he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity.

Gordon Holt, mitigating, said that since the offence took place Bryson had been disowned by all of his family except for his sister, who attended the sentencing. He also said that that Bryson had lost his job and his girlfriend, who told him that he is not allowed to see their child, and that he had become a “prisoner” in his own home and community.

Mr Holt added that although the crime was “a sexually deviant act”, Bryson is not believed to have a sexually deviant tendency towards animals, and that the incident was a one-off occurence.

Magistrates Malcolm Johnson, Pippa Malloy and Alison MacDonald gave Bryson a four-month suspended prison sentence, suspended for two years, and told Bryson that he will have to register as a sex offender for seven years. He will also be under supervision of the Probation Service for 12 months, and will not be allowed to own or keep any animals for two years.

A victim surcharge of £80 was also imposed by the magistrates.

Bryson had also admitted to possessing 315 grammes of cannabis bush on January 22, for which he received no additional punishment.

There was disruption in the courtroom throughout the sentencing, as a man in the public gallery repeatedly shouted comments against Bryson. The man was threatened with removal from the courtroom, and at one point briefly interrupted the sentencing from magistrates.

Mr Bryson declined to comment following the sentencing.