BUFORA offer possible explanation for orange lights UFOs

A UFO expert from the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA) has spoken exclusively to the Leader about recent sightings of 'strange' orange lights around Louth.

Over the last few weeks, we have received several eye-witness accounts of UFOs from residents in the area. This has prompted more people to come forward with their own sightings, including those suggesting the lights were merely Chinese sky lanterns.

We contacted BUFORA's chairman Robert Rosamond for his expert opinion and an update on the current increase in UFO activity around the UK, he said: "We have received quite a number of sighting reports recently - some including images that would suggest a curious increase in national UFO activity.

"I have to state from the outset, that an inordinate number of these reports are suspiciously similar to the Chinese lantern profile, both in colour and in their behaviour patterns.

"It is perhaps worth pointing out to the uninitiated that a column of lanterns are often tethered, and as such appear to fly across the night sky in a controlled 'line astern' and thus uniform formation.

"When witnesses have reported one or two lights suddenly disappearing they were probably watching the demise of a lantern via the flame going out, or in the case of one of these objects flaring up and then disappearing, they are in all probability watching the gossamer 'carriage' itself igniting and then going out.

He added: "However, I will point out that we have also received reported incidences amongst the recent crop that clearly do not fit into a lantern category, and as a result our various enquiries are currently ongoing."

BUFORA is a non-cultist, scientifically-oriented organisation dedicated to the investigation and research of the UFO enigma and related anomalies.

Their website states: "The UFO phenomenon is wide-ranging and diverse in its characteristics and manifestations and can no longer be approached as a single phenomenon with a possible single solution."

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