Buzz of excitement at latest Louth IWA meeting


The meeting of the Louth International Women’s Association on May 2 was held at a member’s home in Louth and was joined by both the chairman and secretary of the Louth District Bee Keepers.

George Butler and Ian Fazakerley delivered a lively illustrated talk on the importance of bees and on the production and differences in honey.

They said: “Bees and man go back to the dawn of time and it is difficult to imagine how the process of pollination could happen without them. We are far more dependent on them than most people realise.”

The Louth IWA will hold another talk on June 6 at a member’s home in Louth, when the topic will be “Victorian Louth – a Talk and Slide Show” by well-known local historian and teacher Dr. Richard Gurnham.

For more information, and for anyone interested in joining Louth IWA, please call 01507 490361 or visit their website