Cordeaux Academy keeps eye on otters


A group of Y8 pupils from Cordeaux Academy went out for the day supporting the Lincolnshire Chalk Streams Project.

The group aims to improve conditions in the county’s chalk streams, by restoring this rare habitat through re-wilding stream edge habitat, replenishing chalk/gravel beds and removing barriers in the watercourse to suitable and accessible habitat for spawning fish.

As part of the project, Cordeaux Academy are carrying out a survey of the otter population on the Great Eau river.

Students have placed five remote sensing cameras in secret locations between the source of the river and the sea.

The hope is that analysis of the footage will provide enough evidence for the students to discover the size and distribution of the otter population along the watercourse. 

The pupils had a great day out,.

Many of the boys came back with very full wellies though, following various mishaps in the weater whilst positioning the cameras.