Family’s grief at Louth child grave theft


A FAMILY has been left “disgusted” after discovering personal items were stolen from their child’s grave at Louth cemetery.

This shock incident comes as one of several grave thefts that have taken place at the cemetery over the last two weeks.

The family of Rhianna Jeffrey was stunned to find solar lights and butterfly windchimes were taken from Rhianna’s grave some time during the day on Tuesday, September 6.

Rhianna died in 2010 after a brave battle against aplastic anaemia and polyarteritis, but her memory lives on through the Rej’s Dream charity which was set up to support local families dealing with life-threatening illnesses.

Rhianna’s mum, Kerry Jeffrey, said: “The items that were taken had no substantial value, but it’s the fact that someone feels stealing from a child’s grave is acceptable.

“We visit Rhianna’s grave everyday and keep it tidy, to think items are being stolen from graves such as these is upsetting.”

Rhianna’s grandfather, James Jeffrey, continued to say: “It’s disgusting what they’ve done. The items had no value, but it’s knowing the fact that someone’s taken them.”

It also appears that other lights from graves have been taken. It seems these thefts could have happened at night as only the working lights had been stolen.

Another theft occurred only days later on Friday, September 9 when Dawn O’Loughlin discovered a Wallace and Gromit statue had been taken from her brother’s grave, which has stood there for the last four years.

Dawn said: “My brother Shaun sadly died four years ago and was a big Wallace and Gromit fan.

“I feel very upset and disgusted how anybody could do something like this and steal an item of personal value.”

l Anyone with information regarding the thefts should call Louth Police Station on 0300 111 0300 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.