End of an era as two Louth teahers retire

Two teachers at Kidgate Primary Academy in Louth have now retired.
Two teachers at Kidgate Primary Academy in Louth have now retired.
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Two teachers from Kidgate Primary Academy in Louth have marked the end of an era in school life as both Chris Wood and Judith Kinnaird have retired

after 23 years and 18

years respectively.

Chris Wood joined the Kidgate team in 1992 and

has made a difference to

the lives of hundreds of children that have passed through the school corridors over the years.

As well as her exceptional achievements as a teacher, the contribution Chris

has made to music at Kidgate has been expressed as ‘astounding’ and she

will be very missed by all.

Judith Kinnaird joined Kidgate a few years after Chris in 1997.

The impact Judith has had on the education and wellbeing of all the children so has come into contact with throughout her

career at the school has

been ‘remarkable’.

Mrs Kinnaird’s hard work was instrumental in

helping the school to

achieve the Healthy

Schools Award and she

will very dearly missed

by all at the school, particularly by the school council which she has

led for many years.

Also she will be missed

for her cheerful and friendly disposition.

An open day was held recently at the school

and it also gave past and present pupils of the two teachers to return to

school to wish them well

and reminisce over old school memories.

Pictured are pupils and teachers wishing these two popular school figures well.