European Day of Languages at Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College in Louth and Mablethorpe

MONKS’ Dyke Tennyson College organised exciting activities and incorporated foreign language into everyday speech and through workshops to celebrate the European Day of Languages.

Mrs Davey, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, ran poster competition, where students were encouraged to promote the culture of European countries.

The overall winners were Year 9 student Sophie Kelly and Jordan Evans from Year 8.

All entries were of an exceptionally high standard and it was very difficult to decide upon a winner.

Language workshops were held at lunchtimes and enthusiastic students attended to learn languages such as Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian, Japanese and Portuguese.

The Japanese sessions were ably assisted by Emmaleen Wilks from Year 11, who has been studying the language for a number of years and the Russian workshop had the added attraction of authentic work shown by one of the Year 12 students, Bonita Poole.

In the canteen, at lunchtime, students had the opportunity to purchase dishes which originated from other countries.

Food such as bratwurst, pizzas, aubergine parmigana, pasta dishes, tiramisu and many exotic dishes from overseas were on offer and students delighted in sampling different tastes and flavours.

One Year 7 student, Kalisha Beck, said: “I lived in Spain for four years and that helped me with this European Languages Day, it was good to speak Spanish again at school”.

On the Mablethorpe site Modern Foreign Languages Teacher Mr C Wells presented a special European Day of Languages assembly to the students when they learned much about life and the culture of other European countries.

This culminated with a quiz, in which all students eagerly participated.

This annual event is enthusiastically anticipated for 2013 and preparations are already underway to make the event as enjoyable and memorable as this year’s.