Facebook page ‘Spotted Louth’ is removed after it ‘violated’ the social media site’s terms

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A Facebook page apparently urging people to post anonymously about other people in Louth has been removed for ‘violating’ the social media site’s terms.

‘Spotted: Louth’ was created earlier this week and by Wednesday morning had reached over 1,500 likes.

It encouraged people to post anonymously to the Admin and the posts were then displayed on the page’s news feed.

But one Facebook user said the page was ‘awful’ with others posting on the site calling for it to be taken down.

Lincolnshire Police said they were aware of the page and had a report from a member of the public that there was a post on the page encouraging people to turn up at King Edward Grammar School this Friday evening and ‘defecate’.

Facebook said the page had ‘violated our terms so it has been removed’.