Fears over Sunday car parking fees

THE idea of town centre parking permits was mooted at last week’s Louth Area Committee meeting, in response to fears of an introduction of Sunday parking charges.

A resident told the meeting he was worried that people coming into Louth town centre to attend Sunday church services would soon be forced to pay.

East Lindsey District Council’s 11 car parks in Louth are free after 6pm and on Sundays.

Coun Sarah Dodds said the idea of permits ‘had some legs’.

Coun Pauline Watson said: “I think maybe 30p for Sundays would be reasonable as car parks cost a lot of money to upkeep, people will still come to Louth.

“In Woodhall Spa car parks are free but in Skegness they are expensive, we have to start equalising these things. There’s got to be a fair system.”

James Gilbert, the council’s spokesman, said: “For some time the district council has been carrying out a scrutiny review of car parking in the district.

“The review committee has looked at all aspects of the car parking services and will be proposing a series of recommendations to council on October 10.

“No recommendations have yet been agreed.”