Ferret fun at Cordeaux Academy



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Mrs Coles’ Year 7 tutor group at Cordeaux Academy did a fantastic presentation on the hobbies and interests they pursue when they are not busy with schoolwork.

Bryony Plaskitt spoke about her swimming, Dylan Smith gave a fascinating display of his contortionist skill, demonstrating the ‘pretzel’ move, Ebony Rodden spoke about horse riding and Zack Benton, Robbin Slingsby and Ralph Hewerdine spoke bout their ferreting hobby with the help of Ralph’s two ferrets Hermione and George, who were very well behaved!

Jordan Tebbs and Adaam Peera both play football for Louth Old Boys, Chloe Steer and Charlotte Margason showcased street and free style dancing whilst Lewis Garrett demonstrated his prowess at martial arts (on Mrs Coles!).