Fresh concerns over flooding raised by councillors as downpour soaks Louth

Eastgate was covered by the deluge on Monday night. Photo: Shaun Chafer
Eastgate was covered by the deluge on Monday night. Photo: Shaun Chafer

Councillors in Louth insist surface water flooding is as much a danger as flooding from the River Lud after seeing the town soaked in just hours on Monday night.

Speaking at the Louth Town Council meeting on August 6, members said they were shocked at the speed in which Eastgate and Eastfield Road were flooded by Monday’s deluge.

Around 35mm of rain fell in just over an hour, leaving residents fearing the River Lud could burst its banks as it did with devastating effects in 2007.

Coun Margaret Ottaway said: “It ‘s a long time since I’ve seen rain fall as hevay as that in a short space of time.

“It was impossible for watrer to go to the right drains because of the speed of the rain. Who was expecting all that?”

Coun Eileen Ballard said Louth had a serious problem with surface water flooding.

“I wish they would took it on board,” she said.

The debate came as part of an item on the agenda calling for items to be discussed at the next Louth Area Committee meeting in September.

The quarterly meetings were set up to give an opportunity for East Lindsey residents to discuss items affecting Louth and surrounding parishes, but councillors criticised it for being ‘a talking shop’ and were reluctant to raise items.

“The Louth Area Committee has no jurisdiction whatsoever,” said Coun George Horton.

“Unfortunately the area committees are a waste of public money and officer time, I feally think they should be dissolved.”

Coun Neil Ward said: “I can see why they are dissatisfied with the Louth Area Committee, it is not functioning as it should.”

And Coun Andrew Leonard was similarly unimpressed. He said: “We’re all saying we think it’s a waste money, it seems to be getting worse and worse and it’s costing ratepayers money.

“I don’t see the point in going. It’s the same people who go each time and it’s a waste of money.”

Meanwhile Anglian Water has apologised for the flooding seen on Monday, admitting sewers were ‘overwhelmed’ by the downpour.

John Clare from Anglian Water said: “We are very sorry for the flooding which affected people living in Eastfield Road yesterday.

“The sewer was overwhelmed by what was an exceptional amount of rain in a very short period of time.

“Our pipes are designed to deal with the kind of rainfall you might expect to see once in 30-years, but yesterday’s downpour exceeded that.

“With so much water falling so quickly, the sewers were unable to carry it away fast enough. The water found the weakest point in the system, which was a manhole in Eastfield Road, and burst out flooding the road and gardens.

“We will, of course, clean up and put things right for people and make sure the road is repaired as soon as possible.

“We are also developing a scheme to improve the ability of sewers in the area to cope with similar storms in future.”