Jane Sheehan TV’s the Foot Reader comes to Scamblesby


Jane Sheehan, TV’s Foot Reader, is to share the secrets of the hidden meanings in feet and toes when she visits Scamblesby Village Hall early next year.

Jane makes regular appearances on ITV’s This Morning and has written several books including Let’s Read Our Feet! and Sole Trader – The Holistic Therapy Business Handbook.

She has taught her skills in the USA, United Arab Emirates, Ireland and Australia.

Jane said: “We are all used to changing our facial expressions and hiding our true feelings, but we can’t do that with our feet – they tell the truth. Simply by analysing the shapes of feet and toes, we can tell an awful lot about a person.”

Tickets for the seminars at Scamblesby on January 25 and 26 are available from www.footreading.com

Anyone coming to my seminars will not only learn something of use to their clients, but also learn about themselves via their feet. They love hearing the anecdotes I use to illustrate the points and they love applying the knowledge to their own life story and often during the classes there are moments where you can see the students moved to delight when they realise that the blemish I’m interpreting also relates to a long term client of theirs and gives them an insight that will help progress their treatment.”