Joys of Stained Glass talk with Louth WEA

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The Joys of Stained Glass is a new six week Louth WEA (Workers’ Education Association) course for the Autumn.

It starts on Tuesday September 24 at 10am to 12noon. The tutor is the very popular Graham Beaumont who regularly delights with his extensive knowledge of architecture.

Secondly tutor Judith Hedley will lead monthly meetings on Poet of the Month.

These run for six months from October 4 until March 7 on Fridays at 10am. They will start with Philip Larkin and then make a list of favourite poets to consider.

Finally from October 17 for six weeks on Thursdays at 2pm there will be a course on English Mystery Plays with tutor George Hankinson.

This will be an introduction to a fascinating form of entertainment vital to our theatrical tradition.

All the courses will be held at The Salvation Army Hall in Church Street and all have a base fee of £42. They are free for those in receipt of benefits and there is discretionary help for those on an income less than £15,000 p.a.

More details are available in the WEA brochure at Louth Library and website:

To enrol contact Sylvia Trickett on 01507 601072 or email