Lacey Gardens Junior School pupil praised in National Schools Partnership competition

A talented girl has been praised in a eco competition.

School children were asked to design a postcard for the National Schools Partnership’s Eco-traveller competition.

Lacey Gardens Junior School pupil Honor Knight came second with her design of a postcard about a scuba diving trip.

She won a £500 holiday voucher for her family, £500 towards an eco-space at the school, a framed version of her postcard and an Eco-traveller certificate.

In a letter to Lacey Gardens School, Partnership Director Louise Weisbloom praised Honor’s ‘fantastic’ entry.

Honor’s postcard, illustrated with a turtle, said: “I went scuba diving, and I saw some amazing things like fish and a turtle and pink coral. I got there in a rowing boat, I was careful not to damage anything.”

The partnerships’s Eco-traveller teaching programme took pupils on a worldwide safari from the comfort of their classrooms and taught them about sustainable travel.

Honor was congratulated by Headteacher Heather Sandy.