LATEST: Local man claims world's most UFO sightings

Thursday 5pm - BRINKHILL'S repeat UFO witness now claims to have had more sightings than anyone else in the world.

Eric Goring, 62, visited the Louth Leader again this week in response to stories on the recent Conisholme wind turbine damage being connected to UFOs.

He said: "I don't think it was one of these space craft that hit the turbine because I have watched them and they fly too precisely. If it was one of them, then it would have been deliberate."

As the Leader first reported back in October last year, Mr Goring claims to be seeing space craft flying so regularly near his home, he is worried about being abducted.

Offering an astounding claim, Mr Goring said: "I believe I have seen more spacecraft now than anyone else in the world. Since I started seeing them in September last year, I have seen hundreds."

His latest sighting was just last night where at precisely 9.23pm, while making tea in his kitchen, he claims to have seen a yellow light outside his window, "shining a searchlight beam down."

Mr Goring showed off the new equipment he has been using to spy on the UFOs: "I bought this electronic night vision scope and can now see the lights in clearer detail. Now I am seeing new yellow ships from my windows. These are my favourites now, I call them yellow lights."

Concerned people take him seriously, he said: "People think I am a crack pot, but everything I have told you is true; I don't lie, I don't hallucinate, I'm not on drugs and when I'm out looking at these things I'm stone cold sober."

On suggestions they could be secret military craft, Mr Goring said: "They could be, but I have seen them at very low levels and they appear to be only six or seven feet deep so the aliens must be a lot shorter than us."

He added: "But these new yellow ships I'm seeing are alien – I'm sure of it."

Showing a growing fascination with the idea we are not alone in the universe, he said: "I have a lot going round my head as to what these things could be, what the aliens would look like and what they would eat. They are always coming down in the fields so maybe they are catching rabbits and eating them, who knows?"

Concluding, he added: "I invite anyone to just come over on a good clear night and look up in the sky – as they will see these things I'm seeing."

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