LATEST: Top A-Level students at King Edward VI Grammar School Louth

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The following King Edward VI Grammar School students achieved the highest possible accolade with A* or As in three or more subjects:

Burns Oliver A*,A*,A going to Bristol to study Aerospace Engineering

Siddiqui Maheen A*,A*,A* going to Birmingham to study Dentistry

Carr Leonie A*,A*,A*,A going to Gloucester to study Television Production

Ottaway Charlotte A*,A*,A*,A going to Cambridge to study History

Woods May A*,A*,A*,A going to Kings College London to study English Language and Literature

Caroline Michael A*,A*,A,A going to York to study Accounting, Business Finance and Management

Darke Alexander A*,A*,A,A going to Cambridge to study Maths

Funnell Georgina A*,A*,A,A going to LSE to study Government and Economics

Twigg Dan A*,A*,A,A,A going to Cambridge to study Natural Sciences

Walker-smith India A*,A,A going to St Andrews to study Geography

Potterton Andrew A*,A,A,A going to UCL to study Bio Chemistry

Taylor Amy A*,A,A,A gap year then going to study Medicine

Tye Chloe A*,A,A,B going to Nottingham to study International Relations and Global Issues