Lincolnshire County Council and police join forces to tackle crime

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Lincolnshire County Council believe they can make a ‘real difference’ by teaming up with Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner to help tackle crime issues.

The county council and commissioner Alan Hardwick have announced a closer working relationship which they hope will help tackle a range of community safety problems, like anti-social behaviour and domestic violence.

They also plan to provide better support to the victims of crime, and will be helping HMP Lincoln to make further improvements and play a greater role in community safety. Councillor Martin Hill, leader of Lincolnshire County Council, said: “We already work closely with the police, providing £1.5m each year to help fund the county’s PCSOs.

“But we feel more can be done. Over the next couple of years, we’ll be funding a number of projects that will have a direct impact on these priority areas.

“For example, we’ll be extending a pilot scheme that supports repeat victims of anti-social behaviour and those that are most vulnerable.

“We’ll also be launching a new project that will help perpetrators of domestic violence change their ways. We believe these steps will make a real difference to the lives of our residents.”

Lincolnshire County Council already assist with funding for the county’s police force, the tune of £1.5m per year to help fund the county’s PCSOs.

Alan Hardwick, Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, added: “The county council and I both aim to protect and improve the lifestyles enjoyed by local residents.

“We have a number of common goals, and by working together we can achieve these more effectively.

“This agreement will help me meet my goals of more visible policing, a reduction in crime and better support for the victims of crime.

“And by taking a partnership approach, we can also ensure that we are both making the best use of resources, giving local taxpayers even better value for money.”