‘Happy little angel’ Charlie is remembered by Louth community

Charlie Dixon-Hunt.

Charlie Dixon-Hunt.

A ‘HAPPY little angel’ who sadly died this summer aged just two years old has been fondly remembered by the Louth community.

Little Charlie Dixon-Hunt died on August 30 of a heart condition after being born six-and-a-half-weeks premature in November 2009.

His family and friends held a coffee and cake event at the Conoco Rooms on Friday where they shared fond memories whilst raising money for Charlie’s memorial garden at his Arundel Drive home, Louth charity Rej’s Dream and Eckersley House at Leeds Infirmary.

People brought delicious home made cakes and treats on the day, organised by Jessica Hunt and Cheryl Fenton, and a massive £381 was raised.

Charlie’s parents Jamie Dixon and Christine Hunt paid tribute to their ‘happy little boy’.

Christine said: “It was completely unexpected when Charlie died, as he had not needed any operations since he was born.

“He was a very happy boy, our little angel, he was always smiling and never complained.”

Christine described the ‘strange feeling’ in the days after Charlie’s death. “It felt like he was just away somewhere else, everything was quiet,” she said.

“There’s still a lot of shock and some days are better than others, but we are a big family and we support each other.

“We have a little girl on the way who is due to be born on December 23, we had told Charlie and he was so excited.

“The support from Eckersley House meant we could stay over in Leeds, they were a huge help.

“And Rej’s Dream also helped us with travel costs, so we want to try and give them something back to say thank you.

“The nurses and doctors and staff at Walkers Funeral Care and Alford Crematorium were also amazing, as have been so many other people.”

Christine said the memorial garden would be a quiet, happy place where people who knew Charlie can reflect on their happy memories of a special little boy.




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