Successful ‘Ramp Up The Red’ cake sale at Cordeaux

Sammy Rogers (Y13), Yasmin Kirwin (Y7), Zane Benton (Y7), and Miss McPherson

Sammy Rogers (Y13), Yasmin Kirwin (Y7), Zane Benton (Y7), and Miss McPherson


Cordeaux Academy’s Year Seven students, Yasmin Kirwin and Athena Markham-Cook, enthusiastically organised a highly successful cake sale on Friday February 7 for the British Heart Foundation.

They were aided by Teaching Assistants Mrs Postle, Miss McPherson and Mr Russell, alongside Year Seven students, Kane Benton and Leon Bellamy.

Teaching Assistant Ms Colban and Year 13 student Sammy Rodgers donated expertly made cakes, which were soon devoured.

The students were invited to decorate their own biscuits using a variety of toppings and this proved to be a big hit. All cakes and biscuits were sold and a grand total of £60.20 was raised for Ramp up the Red.

Yasmin and Athena said they were amazed by the amount of money raised, and are looking forward to their next fundraising venture.




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