Video: £500 has been raised thanks to a 24-hour table tennis marathon

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The 44th annual table tennis marathon at The Meridale Centre in Sutton on Sea was a great success having raised nearly £500 in sponsorship, which will this year go towards The Meridale Community Garden Fund.

Eight players ranging from ages 12-15, all from the local area, took part in the event and made their mark in a long line of other local boys before them who have been taking part in events since its beginning in 1970.

John Monk MBE and organiser of the event said: “I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the boys who took part and for their efforts and everyone who sponsored them.

“Also I want to thank Mel Wood, Daniel Turner, Reece Brant, Rose and Dr Stephen Carter for their help and support.”

Watch the boys in action.




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