Video: Cordeaux students look back on Uganda visit

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Staff and students at Cordeaux School in Louth have been looking back fondly on their trip to Uganda in the summer.

In July seven students, along with head of geography Richard Coles, jetted off to Mukono to meet with their friends at Nakanyonyi Secondary School, a partner of Cordeaux.

On this one in a lifetime trip the lucky Cordeaux group spent time at the school, taking part in dancing, singing, photography, and even a football match.

They packed their bags with items to be used by the Ugandans such as textbooks and sports equipment.

Afterwards they went on safari, seeing some amazing African sights on the five-day tour, including chimp trekking in the rainforest!

The schools now have a strong bond and are hoping to arrange more visits between the two countries in the future.

Watch the video to see Richard Coles casting his eye over some of the classic pictures and memories brought back from Uganda.




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