VIDEO: Lincolnshire County Council backs down in Jassies Max seating row

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A Louth sweet shop owner has won his battle with Lincolnshire County Council following a row over outdoor seating arrangements, as reported in last week’s Louth Leader.

Jassies Max owner, Nick Heywood, thanked the county council’s highways department for having the initiative to visit the shop and re-evaluate the situation.

Mr Heywood said there had been an “admittance of miscommunication” from the council, and that by moving the tables just 30cm they had been able to resolve the issue.

Furthermore, the senior highways officials that visited the shop at the end of last week recommended that Jassies Max could now have four outdoor tables - two on the Market Place side, and two on the Mercer Row side.

Mr Heywood said: “It’s the approach that was wrong. If the council had sent someone initially, four months ago, to assist me then there would have been no issue and no ill-feeling.

“It would have looked as though they were supporting a small local business.

“Customer service is paramount, even for a council. If I’d treated my customers this way, I wouldn’t have any left!

“However, I do want to thank the County Council’s Highways Department for visiting in person and resolving the situation.”

As Mr Heywood spoke to the Leader, a couple sat at one of the tables overlooking the Market Place with hot drinks. John and Elaine McPherson from Mablethorpe (pictured, right) said that the opportunity to sit outside with a drink and look out over the market square was one of the things that attracts them to Louth.

Mr McPherson said: “If you ban tables and chairs outside then it could drive people away”, and Mrs McPherson added: “I think there should be more outdoor seating in the town.”

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