Locals support UFO spotters

Tuesday 2pm - ARE WE delusional and too fond of a drink? Or is it just Lincolnshire folk being fascinated by the weird and wonderful?

This is the question prompted after controversial Sunday Times journalist, Rod Liddle called Lincolnshire people 'delusional or alcoholics' after the sudden rise of UFO sightings in the county.

But since we published his comments in an article on www.louthleader.co.uk two weeks ago there has been public outcry and it would seem many disagree.

Both ordinary residents of Lincolnshire and UFO enthusiasts from across the world have written to the Leader defending Lincolnshire people and dismissing Rod Liddle.

Legbourne resident, Eve Sardson said: "The Lincoln Imp is not mischievous for nothing. Rod Liddle has singularly failed to grasp Lincolnshire folk's sense of humour. How seriously dull he must be!"

Whilst UFO enthusiast Stef Majchrzak from Sheffield said: "This Mr Rod Liddle is the only person who is dilusional. I have seen and filmed Ufos and please don't insult me by saying Chinese lanterns – that's getting really old and boring now".

Another person who did not want to be named said: "It is an insult to the town and its residents to make that comment without proof".

Meanwhile, one of the most popular stories on the Leader website remains 'Mysterious Lincolnshire Triangle reveals UFO hotspot'.

So whether its because Lincolnshire folk like a tale or whether they believe aliens have visited our area one thing is for sure, Rod Liddle may not have expected Lincolnshire folk to have some fight in them!