Louth Ambulance Station is saved after EMAS approve revamp

EMAS chief executive Phil Milligan talks to the media after today's decision.
EMAS chief executive Phil Milligan talks to the media after today's decision.
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Campaigners who bid to save Louth’s ambulance station from closure have declared victory after East Midlands Ambulance Service approved controversial changes.

The EMAS trust board met earlier today to discuss its Being The Best programme which is aimed at improving response times and providing a better service for patients.

The plans will see radical changes to the way the service is run, with some stations decommissioned and replaced with a smaller number of hubs, which will be supported by community stations around the county.

Louth’s station was set to be closed but a petition with over 3,000 names appeared to hold sway and EMAS later proposed a new plan which included Louth as an ambulance station as it is now.

EMAS will now continue to develop plans to create nine ‘superhubs’, 19 ambulance stations and 108 community ambulance stations.

EMAS chief executive, Phil Milligan said: “The final recommendation was created after three months of consultation, and a further two and a half months of engagement allowing our staff and the public including other healthcare providers, councillors and MPs, to have their say and help to shape our plans.

“The way we operate now is simply not delivering the performance that local people deserve and national government expects.

“The aim of our ‘Being the Best’ programme has always been to improve response times to emergency 999 calls and to improve the working lives of our frontline staff. “

“This is not all about the bricks-and-mortar of ambulance stations - many of which were built on assumptions more than 50-years old.

“This is a five year plan and changes to our estate will not be immediate.

“We will use the next three to six months of the new financial year to progress our planning and implementation of the 108 community ambulance stations, twinning of the proposed existing ambulance stations and further development of the estate strategy.

“We believe that these changes will improve response times and our aims of better patient care, faster responses and improved working lives for our staff will be achieved.”

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