Louth Cattle Market prices

The prime trade was good again at Louth Cattle Marekt last week even though there were a number of plainer ‘O’ grade cattle on offer alongside the top end cattle.

The overall average settled at a healthy 209.35ppk (£1180) and many more cattle are required to meet demand.

The cattle on offer were good quality and made very good money with steers topping at £1145 with an amazing top ppk price of 302, and young heifers topping at £705 with a top ppk price of 258.

The top price heifer per kilo and per head was a Limx from F E Read Son of Hemingby weighing 507kgs and

selling for 239.50ppk (£1214) to Chris Bustance.

The top price steer per kilo was a Limx from H Smith & Son of Theddlethorpe weighing 583kgs and selling for

221.50ppk (£1291)to David Coulson.