Louth community asked to ‘dig deep’ to save Julian Bower site

The Julian Bower site in Louth.
The Julian Bower site in Louth.
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Campaigners hoping to save the Julian Bower site from potential development are asking residents to ‘dig deep’ and help them to purchase the land after being granted permission from the owners to submit a ‘full and final offer’.

As reported previously, the site has been a subject of controversy after the landowners, King Edward VI School Trust, submitted applications to build new homes on the former playing field site.

One of these applications - for 12 new houses - has been granted permission on appeal, with archeological conditions attached.

However, a group of campaigners believe that the site may have immense historical value and have been backed by the Council for British Archeology who say it is a ‘potentially significant archeological site’.

One suggestion is that the Julian Bower site may have been home to the Anglo-Saxon ‘Sidnacester’ cathedral which has been lost and sought for over a thousand years.

Now, the campaigners are hoping that the community will rally round to help them put in a substantial bid to buy the site.

But time is running out - with the group given just five weeks to raise the necessary funds and submit a formal bid.

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