Louth District Scouts go on camp

TWENTY five Scouts aged 10 to 14 from Louth and Manby set off in four patrols from Skidbrooke on Friday to hike to their overnight camping location where they set up camp by pitching their tents and making fires to cook their evening meals.

Later on in the evening they joined together to keep warm around the fires. After a nights sleep during which some slept well and others not so, they were up at dawn to a beautiful sunrise.

They soon got their fires going and cooked themselves a hearty breakfast. Having washed up and cleared the camping areas to ensure they left nothing but their thanks they set off to hike back to Skidbrooke.

Guy Williams, the Manby Scout leader, said that this exercise is training for a much bigger and longer experience which will include activities such a building a rope bridge across a river.

This will take place during the Spring of 2012.

Scout Sam Williams said that the best part of being a Scout was the camping and adventure.