Louth girl in exclusive interview with Daniel O’Donnell

Louth girl Emily Cook with singer Daniel O'Donnell in Glasgow.
Louth girl Emily Cook with singer Daniel O'Donnell in Glasgow.

A LOUTH girl has been granted exclusive interview access to music star Daniel O’Donnell.

Emily Roberts got the chance to film Daniel behind the scenes at Glasgow Royal Concert Halls for Sky TV last week.

It was the second time Emily has interviewed Daniel but this time was extra special as Daniel was filmed doing a complete interview as well as parts of the show and captured him meeting fans, signing autographs and showing an in-depth view of what goes on.

The result was spectacular and programme is expected to bring in a wave of viewers.

A spokesman for Creation Television said: “This is an exclusive for a local lass getting such rare access, we even met people from Grimsby who had attended the concert who travelled up by coach just to see Daniel in concert and as such were delighted that Emily was getting such rare access where others couldn’t, all for the purpose of appearing on her TV programme.”

“Many people have emailed us, especially from Lincolnshire who were at the concert from areas stretching from Grimsby right down to Stamford, and we have had in excess of 2,000 emails from people at the concert as we had cards on all the seats why we were there filming asking for the program on DVD.

“We have put together a one hour DVD of what we did in Glasgow and London with Daniel and Mary Duff and we are giving these away free to people who go to our website and request one, all we ask is they pay for the P&P.”

Readers can get their copy of the DVD by visiting www.creationtv.co.uk.