Louth lad’s budding band release debut

The Jungfraus (Credit: Michael S Marks, www.michaelm.zenfolio.com)

The Jungfraus (Credit: Michael S Marks, www.michaelm.zenfolio.com)

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Joe Levi Hodkin, 27, from Louth, is tasting sweet success with his psychedelic pop band The Jungfraus, after they took London and Los Angeles by storm this summer.

The band, which he formed with friends in Manchester in spring last year, will release their self-titled debut album on Monday December 9.

Joe, who sings and plays guitar, attended Alford Primary and Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and often performed arts at Louth’s Riverhead Theatre and surrounding venues.

Joe said: “Growing up in Lincolnshire, village life, and the vivid imagination rural living ignites profoundly influenced me as a songwriter. Moving from Lincolnshire to the city and then beyond has made me very proud of where I was brought up.”