Louth Mayor Jill Makinson-Sanders speaks out after ‘sausage-gate’

Mayor of Louth, Jill Makinson-Sanders. Photo: Ian Holmes.
Mayor of Louth, Jill Makinson-Sanders. Photo: Ian Holmes.

MAYOR of Louth, Jill Makinson-Sanders, has spoken out about her recent dress-up escapade as a sausage that has got the whole world talking.

From Fox News to Loose Women and The Daily Telegraph to most recently Mock the Week, the news of Jill dressing up as a sausage to promote Louth as a good food town and, supporting the Lincolnshire sausage to gain protected status has had a mixed reaction from the public.

Louth Mayor dressed as a sausage. Photo: Ian Holmes.

Louth Mayor dressed as a sausage. Photo: Ian Holmes.

Jill Makinson-Sanders told the Leader: “I want to stress the fact that I was not doing this as Mayor but as an individual who cares about Louth.”

Dara O’Briain, presenter of Mock of the Week, even made a slot in his show for the story and commented that it was his ‘favourite story during the week of the procession of the torch’.

“It has resulted in some fantastic publicity for Louth, which on this scale has never been achieved before. I wanted to showcase how good our shops are and how proud we are to support local businesses.” Jill added.

“I was thrilled to hear that the Lincolnshire Sausage was discussed in the House of Commons last week. Protected status does need to be looked at again.”

The Lincolnshire Sausage Appreciation Society were shocked to hear the news that some people took the costume in a negative way.

A spokesman for the British Sausage Appreciation Society said: “Jill showed she has a real sense of fun as well as a steely determination to get Lincolnshire sausages protected and on the map for everyone like us.”

Jill added: “People are still taking about Louth all over the world, the phone doesn’t stop ringing. Who’s knows where it will end up next?”

What do you think? Did our Mayor make the right decision dressing up to publicise our good food town and supporting the Lincolnshire sausage for protected status? Email your views to chloe.west@jpress.co.uk.