Louth teen’s brave tribute to her grandmother

Dani Millthorpe (right) with her late grandmother Margaret and her grandfather Harold.
Dani Millthorpe (right) with her late grandmother Margaret and her grandfather Harold.

An 18-year-old former cancer sufferer from Louth will be undergoing a public head shave to raise money for a cancer charity in memory of her grandmother.

Eighteen-year-old Dani Millthorpe will have all 18 inches of her hair shaved off in memory of her grandmother Margaret Millthorpe, who sadly passed away on July 28 after a six month battle with cancer.

Dani hopes to raise at least £500 for Marie Curie Cancer Care, which supported her grandmother throughout the final months of her life.

Dani said: “Marie Curie helped my nan and my grandad, who was not well enough to look after her on his own.

“Nan was diagnosed in January and was told that she had six months to live, but she refused to have chemotherapy as she wanted to live those final months to the full without going through even more pain.

“Nan was always energetic and would get up out of bed every day until the final week of her life. She did what she wanted.”

Marie Curie Cancer Care is one of the UK’s leading cancer support charities, which helps tens of thousands of people suffering from terminal illnesses every year.

Dani said: “Every little bit of money will all add up, and it goes a long way.

“Most families are affected by cancer at some point, and the money helps give that little bit extra to those who are suffering.”

The former Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College pupil, formerly of Alford and now living in Louth with her nine-month-old son Jonah, paid tribute to her grandmother.

“We were very close, and when I was pregnant with Jonah she helped me so much.

“She was besotted with Jonah and I’m glad that she had a chance to spend time with him before she passed 

“Nanny loved my natural ginger hair, but since the age of about 14 I’ve been dying my hair all sorts of different colours.

“In one of my last conversations with nanny she said she wished I still my had my ginger hair, so what better way to pay tribute to her than to shave it all off?

“I will be able to regrow my hair from scratch and be naturally ginger again.”

Dani knows only too well that cancer can strike anyone at any time, after fighting her own battle against a malignant brain tumour at just 12 years old.

Dani said: “Within three days of starting secondary school, I found out that I had brain cancer.

“I was off school for months, but the operation was a success and I’ve now been cancer free for six years, although I’ve been left with epilepsy as a result.

“The operation left a scar on my head, which I’ve never seen before, so the head shave will be a real eye opener for me and others too.”

More than £180 has already been raised through Dani’s fundraising website, which can be found at www.justgiving.com/bamshave, and she is well on the way to reaching her £500 target.

Marie Curie fundraising manager, Charlotte Jackson, said: “We’re so grateful to Dani and all of our local fundraisers in Lincolnshire for the amazing things they do in support of Marie Curie. Dani’s target of £500 will allow Marie Curie Nurses to continue looking after people with terminal illnesses in the comfort of their own home, surrounded by the people they love.

“Thank you Dani for supporting Marie Curie and we hope you’re able to keep warm with your new hairdo.”

Dani’s head shave will take place on September 4 at the Pure Indulgence salon in Queen Street, Louth.

The event will begin at 2pm, and members of the public are invited along to watch and donate spare change towards the cause.