Mablethorpe action group defend petition

THE action group supporting Lindum’s £50million development for Mablethorpe have issued a new response to last week’s story.

MAGLIN (Mablethorpe Action Group for Support of Lindum) said: “MAGLIN wish it to be put on record that we have not forged anyone’s signatures on our petition, all signatures were taken in good faith, after we had explained the project and showed people the plans.

“We do understand that two people added the names of members of their families, this was not done with any malice, both have apologised and we consider this matter should now be closed.”

Meanwhile the group have moved to highlight that the social housing side of the Lindum development will go to local people first.

The statement continued: “The houses are allocated by Linx Housing under section 106 which states the houses fall under the local connection criteria, full detail can be found on their website.

“We suggest if anyone is concerned about the housing they contact Linx Housing for clarification.”