Mablethorpe charity activist was ‘a grand old lady’

TRIBUTES have been paid to Olive Sells of Mablethorpe, who died last Tuesday, January 24.

Olive, aged 97, will be familiar to many through her tireless charity work. She volunteered for causes including Oxfam.

Originally from the south, she moved to the area 40 years ago.

Olive spent the last five years of her life living at Sutton Lodge residential home.

Her friend June Middleton, also of Mablethorpe, said she would miss ‘a wonderful person’.

“She loved her dogs and was passionate about charity. She was what I would call a grand old lady,” said June.

“I knew her for 30 years, she had a wonderful life.”

Another friend, Mitchal Beech, added: “She was a long time Buddhist and a very kind soul, and is another example of the better side of the town’s community.“

Olive’s funeral will be held at Alford Crematorium this Friday, February 3 at 1pm.