Meteor spotted over Louth area

SEVERAL shocked locals saw the meteir on Saturday night that burnt up in the earth’s atmosphere over Britain.

Ray Woodcock said: “At about 9.4 pm on Saturday evening my wife and were walking along Charles Street towards the town when we saw a large, fast moving, flaming object crossing the sky at a shallow angle from north to south.

“We deduced that it was a comet or space debris burning up. We watched the comet with great excitement for a few seconds whilst it appeared to burn out completely. We don’t think that it went over the horizon.”

Naomi Brooker said: “Just had to tell you that on Saturday night just before 10pm my 12-year-old son Daniel Brooker shouted, ‘MUM...what the hell is that.’

“He explained that he saw a ball of fire that looked like a huge jet engine. I was clearly shocked by what he had said. He described the shape as round with spikey bits round it.

“We were certainly shocked to find out yesterday that infact he had been fortunate to witness the meteorite! Unfortunately we were too shocked and slow to reach for our camera.”