Monkey spotted running wild near Louth

Friday 4pm - A POLICEMAN has spotted a monkey running wild near Louth.

PC Paul French, a Neighbour Response Officer from Louth, was on duty travelling along Mill Hill Way in South Cockerington on his way back to Louth Police Station shortly after 11.30am this morning when a monkey ran out into the road in front of the Police car.

"I thought it was a squirrel at first," explained PC French. "It was a similar size but was dark brown in colour and had a long, straight, upright tail. It paused for a moment standing on its hind legs, looked at me, then scampered off over the hedge".

Despite searching for the animal, PC French did not get any further sightings of it.

Police are now keen to hear from anyone who may be missing a pet monkey.

Anyone with any information about who the monkey may belong to, or where it might have escaped from, can contact PC French at Louth Police Station on 0300 111 0300.

* Have YOU seen the monkey? Call The Leader on 01507 353200 or email with your sightings - and a photo if you manage to snap it!