More earthquake light sightings

Tuesday 11am - MORE people have been in touch to say they saw mysterious light as the earthquake hit on February 27.

Zoe Pope, 28, of Manby, said she was not sure what she had seen until she read the Leader last week.

As reported, Jean Howard of Tathwell and a Sleaford couple reported seeing flashes of light as the earthquake – with its epicentre in Market Rasen – rumbled across the country.

Elvira Witney saw an even stranger phenomenon known as ball lightning in her Westgate home.

Zoe said the flashes were like someone flicking their car headlights at her window.

She said: "I woke up to the shaking and this bright light. My friend and my sister thought I'd gone mad when I told them. It's baffled me ever since then I saw The Leader."

David Cudworth, from Sutton in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, saw the story on our website.

He said: "I clearly remember three lightning flashes a few minutes after the recent earthquake. My neighbours thought it was torch lights but I remained 100 per cent convinced it was lightning."

For centuries people have reported seeing flashes of light during earthquakes but these were not taken seriously until the 1960s when they were photographed.

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