‘Move Louth Forward’ group gains momentum


A group of Louth residents called ‘Move Louth Forward’ has been set up to address what they see as a necessary change in supermarket provision in Louth. The group have decided to act in response to what they see as a lack of public consultation on plans for a supermarket on the Cattle Market.

Alan Grantham and Kevin Boot attended Louth Town Council on Tuesday night (March 4) to put their point of view across.

Mr Grantham said “We decided to act because we were promised months ago at the start of the scrutiny process into the sale of the Cattle Market that the public of Louth would have a say on the plans.

“But four months into the process it seems that the silent majority of Louth have been forgotten. However, there seems to have been many opportunities for people against the idea to have a say.”

The group has launched a Facebook page called “Move Louth Forward”, which people can join to have their say on the plans.

In the first few hours of its launch the page was joined by over 500 members. That figure has now risen to over 900 members at the time of going to press, which the group say only goes to show the support they have.

Louth mum Andrea Archer said: “We are sick and tired of being made to feel like second class citizens and forced to travel out of town to get basic family items. All we ask is for the same choice that other residents in other towns have.”

Mum of four Charlotte Hopkinson said: “We do want to see all of Louth succeed. But people now are voting with their feet and leaving town to shop.

“If we could keep those people in town, it would be good for all Louth trade.”

Lesley Harrison Wiseman, another Louth mum, does not feel that the concern about supermarket threats to other town centre shops is valid.

She said: “We know that people who come in to Louth from other towns have their own choice of large supermarkets.

“It just shows that people will carry on to use the independent shops if they wish to.

“It is time to move Louth forward to give all people a true choice.”