New parking enforcement manual for Lincolnshire motorists

WITH Lincolnshire County Council set to start parking enforcement on December 3, a new Parking Enforcement Procedures Manual has been produced for motorists.

The manual has been produced by the county and district councils and is available online for people to download.

Explanations of what parking restrictions mean are also in the Highway Code. The manual aims to:

Remind people how to park carefully and considerately within the law

Explain Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) and the appeals system

Outline standard contraventions and observation times

Offer guidance on enforcement procedures

Mick Phoenix, Parking Services Manager, said: “Motorists need to be aware that parking restrictions in place across the county will be enforced more regularly from December 3.

“We expect to get powers from the DfT at the end of November, and it makes sense to start using them as soon as we can. By deterring inconsiderate parking, it will mean people looking to do some last minute Christmas shopping can park more easily, using the limited waiting parking bays near shops.

“If you are worried that you’re not sure what the signs and lines mean that indicate the restrictions, then please do check out our new parking manual, as they are all clearly explained. Alternatively refresh your memory by digging out your Highway Code. We don’t want to give out tickets, we want motorists to stick to the restrictions in place, so they don’t obstruct the road for others, or outstay the time in limited waiting bays, preventing shoppers from using them.”

Around 20 Enforcement Officers, wearing distinctive green and navy uniforms, will work across the county taking a ‘sensible approach’ to help tackle local problems caused by motorists parking inconsiderately where they shouldn’t.

They will enforce existing ‘on street’ traffic restrictions including double and single yellow lines, yellow kerb no loading or unloading markings, and limited waiting times in parking bays.

The new Parking Enforcement Procedures Manual can be viewed online in the Downloads section at or call 01522 782070.