Newflash: School closures and ones still open in Louth and Mablethorpe

A number of schools in Louth, Mablethorpe and the surrounding villages have all been forced to close due to the substantial amount of snow that fell over the weekend.

The following schools are still open:

• Donington on Bain Primary School

• Fulstow Community Primary School

• Grainthorpe School

• Grimoldby Primary School

• East Wold Church of England Primary School - Legbourne

• Cordeaux School - Louth

• Kidgate Primary Academy - Louth

• Monks Dyke Tennyson College - Louth site

• Monks Dyke Tennyson College - Mablethorpe site

• Birkbeck College - North Somercotes

• North Cotes Primary School

• North Thoresby Primary School

• Saltfleetby Primary School

• Theddlethorpe Primary School

• Utterby Primary School

The following schools are closed today:

• St Michael’s Church of England School - Louth

• St Bernard’s School - Louth

• Lacey Gardens Junior School - Louth

• King Edward VI Grammar School - Louth

• Louth Eastfield Infants’ and Nursery School - Louth

• Scamblesby Primary School

• The Pilgrim School - Mablethorpe

• Sutton on Sea Primary School

• Huttoft Primary School