OBITUARY: Benson Chafor

David Bonnett EMN-140618-133731001
David Bonnett EMN-140618-133731001
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The funeral service for the late “Ben” Benson Chafor, aged 78, was held on Thursday June 5 at St Mary’s. Covenham.

Funeral arrangements were by Lincolnshire Co-operative Funeral Services (inc. V. Walker Funeral Services)

The service was conducted by Reverend Jean Wrisdale and the following mourners attended:

Family mourners: Mrs Joy Chafor (Wife), Mrs Ann Maddison (Aunt), Mr Graham Clayton (Cousin), Mr Norman Clayton (Cousin), Mr & Mrs Geoff and Oramai Espin (Cousin and wife), Mr & Mrs Ken and Jean Harness (Cousin and wife), Mrs Doreen Richmond (Cousin), Mr & Mrs Gordon and Stella Griffin, (Cousin and husband, also rep Caroline and Mark Dixon, Richard and Jane Griffin and Don and Margaret Harness, cousin and wife), Mr Roy Maddison, (Cousin).

Other mourners: Mrs Peggy Rennison, Miss Sheila Larter (Church warden), Mr Stuart Siddons, Mrs Phyl Shaw, Miss Gillian Pridgeon, Mr & Mrs Carol and Jill Sutton, Mr & Mrs Jack Sykes, Mrs Joyce Marshall (also rep Doreen and David Hurst), Mrs Carol Speed (also rep Hilda and Martin Pigeon), Mrs Susan Newborough, Mr David Mould, Mrs Dulcie Sanders, Mr & Mrs Leonard and Wendy White, Mr Gordon Pridgeon, Mr John Pridgeon, Mr & Mrs Jean and Walter Kirk (also rep Betty and Ron and Sheila and Walter Woods), Mrs Jennifer Hippisley (also rep the Hippisley family and Di King), Mr Derek Wardle, Mr & Mrs Sylvia and Gordon Stephenson, Mr & Mrs Frederick and Myra Nicholls, Reverend Bill Davidson, Mr Thomas Foley, Mrs Gladys Gledhill, Mrs Elizabeth Lidster, Mrs Beryl Motley (also rep Marcus Motley), Miss Shirley Barker (also rep Jane and John Dickinson), Mr Colin Brader, Mr Ian Bradbury, Mrs Hazel Hyde, Mrs Kathleen Spencer, Mr Ivor Day (also rep Janet Day), Mr & Mrs Jim Parker, Mr & Mrs Raymond and Angela Graves, Mr & Mrs G Blades (also rep Faulkeners), Mr & Mrs Ken and Sheila Larder, Mrs Christine Hill, Mr Brian Collinson, Mr & Mrs Lyn and James Scott, Mr David Frost, Mr & Mrs Bruce and Joan Stones, Mr Michael Thornalley

Mr & Mrs Reg and Gaynor Crowson, Mr Michael Marshall (also rep David Thornes), Mr Stuart Marshall, Mr & Mrs Ron and Joan Thickett, Mr & Mrs John and Brian Best, Mrs Marie Peatfield, Mr Norman W Smith, Mrs Diana King (also rep North Thoresby Pop-in Lunch Club), Mrs Sarah Durrant (also rep North Thoresby Pop-in Lunch Club), Miss Edna Procter (also rep Joan Eddison and Betty Swinton), Miss Mary Stark, Mrs Mary Stark (also rep Norman Hannigan, Roisin Stark and John Stark), Mr & Mrs C Craggs (also rep Mrs M Blades), Mr John Silvester and Barbara Gray (also rep Shaws Farms), Mr & Mrs Eileen and Stuart Sharp (also rep Jackie and Steve Hinson, and Anne-Marie and Francesca Sharp-Smith), Mr Lance Jacklin (also rep Janice Jacklin), Mrs Phyllis Crowson (also rep Tetney WI and Dorothy Pinner), Mrs Mary Pennell (also rep Gary Pennell), Mrs Melanie Ellis, Mr & Mrs Dave and Pauline Woods, Mrs Doreen Dalton, Mrs Jackie Crabtree (also rep Megan and Greg), Mrs Christine Silvester, Mr John Hewson (also rep (Mrs Hewson and Janet), Ms Shelley Hewson, Mr & Mrs Gillian and Alan Mason, Mr & Mrs Cyril and Margaret Smith, Mr & Mrs Evelyn and Tom Berry, Mr Ernest McCready (also rep Anne), Mr & Mrs Thomas Crawshaw, Mr & Mrs Enid and Alan Fairfield (also rep Maureen Smith), Miss Samantha Lowis (also rep Christine and Bob Lowis), Mrs Isobel Espin (also rep Philip Espin and Hannah), Mrs Emmi Stead, Mr Gary Swann, Mr John Garbett, Mrs Margaret Adams, Mrs F Gorwood, Mr Fred Cooper, Mr & Mrs Jayne and Mark Casswell, Mrs Janet Casswell (also rep Roy Casswell, and John and Sonya Casswell), Mr & Mrs Sarah and Luke Chapman, Mr Peter Bradtke, Miss Sarah Hutson, Mrs Helen Bramall, Mr & Mrs Carolyn and Robert Shaw, Mr Reginald Davies (also rep. Brenda Davies), Mrs Denise Cullingford (rep. the Wolds Care Centre), Mr Karen Davies, Miss Emma Kew (Wolds Care Centre), Miss Lucy Parker, Miss Sarah Hutson, Mrs Mary Hutson, Mr Michael Griffin.