OBITUARY: Bob Benton

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The funeral report for the late Robert (Bob) Benton of South Somercotes, aged 74 years.

The service took place at St. Mary’s Church, North Somercotes on Wednesday April 16 and was conducted by Reverend Sue Allison.

Mourners: Rowena Benton, Wife, Sarah & Alan Stepney, Daughter & Son in law, Margaret & Neil Thompson, Daughter & Son in law, Naomi & Rebecca Thompson, Grandaughter’s, Ralph Benton, Brother, George Benton, Edward Benton, Nephew, Matthew Benton, Nephew, Gerald & Nina Benton, Nephew, Wendy, Graham, Danielle, Katie & Nathan Barker, Níece and family, Dorothy & Maurice Clark, Sister in law & Brother in law, Marion Benton, sister in law, Joanne Benton, Niece, Jessica & Luke Endean-Harper, Niece, Rep. Emily Andrews, Richard Loughton, Brother in law, David Loughton, Brother in law, Sharon Loughton, rep Dave Rogers, Niece, Tracy Loughton, Niece, Jim Loughton & Sacha Thomas, Nephew & Partner, Liz Loughton rep. John & Joanne Loughton, Sister in law, Zak, Kane & McAulay Benton, Nephews, Rachel Perkins, Niece, Julie, Tom, Wayne & Ryan Garlick, Niece & Family, Sheila Riggal, Ruth Collins, Joyce Harniess, May Harniess, Jamas Harniess, George Hartley, Nick Cook rep. Simon Archer, Terry & Jean Warsop,

Pauline & Joe Scarfe, rep. Stephen, Ruth & Brian Scarfe, Naomi Crawford-Taylor, Bill Maddíson, Shirley Brooks, Mr & Mrs Michael Harry, Ken & Pam Hewson rep Trevor Ireland & Ruth Sutton, Mr & Mrs Michael Welch, Denise & Andy Day, rep Jodie & Paul Lingurd, Ron Day, Malcolm, Beryl & Joshua Slack, Mr & Mrs I Duma, Tracy Eddington rep. Gordon Dowson, Anita Martin, Rita Parker, Vanessa Hempstock, Jessica Clark, Linda & Fred Plater, Margaret & John Davey, Liz & Bill Russell rep. Val Smart, Kevin Sargeant rep Amanda Stinson, James Sargeant rep. Mary Sargeant, Richard Mamwell rep Tom Stocks, Janice Mamwell, Michael Mamwell, Keith Barker, Phillip & Yasuko Davey, Mr & Mrs Patmore, Mr & Mrs W Dawson, Roger Snell, Wendy Polden rep Ray Polden, Doug Dobson rep. Sheila Dobson, Pete Kelly, Twink Addison, Ian Smith, Tom Oliver, Syble Bishell, Andrew Jacklin, Cec Jacklin rep Barbara Jackin, Mrs Fay Gorwood, Mr Fred cooper, Dianne Howell, Roy Twigg, Brain Papworth rep: Royal British Legion Louth, Barry Fox: Irene Fox, Alan Watson, Richard and Suzy Davey,Maurice Aldridge, Jaon Illingworth, Niall Illingworth,Adian Abbott rep: Susan Abbott, Sarah Barratt, Nancy Fawcett, Peter Grint, John Needham rep: Betty Needham, Ringo Wight, L.Bark rep: S. Vines, Simon Coxen, Dennis and Linda Cunnington, David Harness rep: Derck Mills, Eric and Lorraine Dowlman rep: Meals on Wheels, Beryl Marshall rep: Marshall family and Meals on Wheels, Mr and Mrs Alan Wells,Gerry and Brenda Davey, Mr and Mrs G.Davy, Mr and Mrs Sharp, Janet and Philip Abbott, Jake Bishell rep: Kelly and Laura Bishell,Martin and Jane Chapmen rep:John Lusby,Brenda and Derek West, Janet Middlebrough rep: Steve and Tom , Roland and Ann Plaskitt, Mr and Mrs M Ward, Alan Clover rep: Mattew Clover,Robert Hartley rep: Coiln and Sandra Paddison, Lesley Clayton, Mr and Mrs David and Rosa Coney, Mr Simon Travers rep: Karen Travers, Bernard Abbott rep: Jocelyn Abbott, Connie and George Grantham, Glyn and Margarest Carr rep: James Carr, Matthew Carr, Richard Carr rep: Ian Wray, Andrew Jackiln, John Dickinson, Alison Cook, Juile West rep: Michael and Simon West and Ronnie Thompson, Margarest West, Jonathon and Sarah Martin, Pete Hewsonrep: Christine Hewson, Alan Parks,Graham and Carol Butler, Alan Morris, Tracey, Dave and Jade Poulter, Paul Brooks, Colin Brooks and Claire, Dom Hart and Ann Claire, Phillip McNeil rep: Trudy McNeil, Simon Pennell, Joyce Sandsrep: Charles Sands, Gwen Barejn, Carol and Albert Watts, Ron Harniess, Mr and Mrs William Simpson, Janet and Gerry Baldwin, Jenny Foggarty and John Glover, Nick Pennell, Madgee Jacklin, Helen Grant, Derek Quickfall, Malc Appleby, John Pridgeon, Jean and Jily Love rep: Bernard and Maureen Hutchinson, John Kennedy, Joyce Blades, Juile Sharprep: Simon and Janet Walmsley, Caroline Chapman rep: Steven Chapman, Cliff and Richard Osbourne rep: Jo Holland, Neil Drewery, Pauline Stones rep: Monica and Martin Stones, Craig Marks rep: Andrew Stones, Pete and Gwen Davey, Mary Haith, Edna and Vere Freeman, Bryan and Liz Libell rep: Joy and Den Libell and Clare Hyde, Graham and Liz Collins, Rob West, Paul and Sam Donner rep: Richard Walsh, Brain Donner rep: Kath Donner Sarah Jones, Bridhet Bell rep: Peter , Sue and Tim, John and Diane Walmsley, George Chatterton rep: Susan Colebrook, Rachael Chatterton rep: Robert Chatterton, Sue Lowis rep: Philip Lowis, Mr and Mrs M Smith rep: Jane Holden and the Urwin Family, George Worrell, Trevor Stones rep: Val Stones, Robin Foyster, Keith and Betty Dixton, Mr and mrs J Wilkinson, Mary and David Scrimshaw, Carol Wilson rep: Kath Wilson and Alice Tattershall, Mr and Mrs M Shotton, Derek Pinder, Derek Thompson rep Eileen Thompson ,Juile Vanderstock and Alan Brooks, Mary and Richard Stubbs, Roy Walmsley, David and Margarest Walmsley, John Michael, Margaret Davis, Mr and Mrs A Singhroy, Barry Ireland rep: Susan Ireland, Phil and Cheryl Thompson, Kath Thompson, Lynn and Robin Murdy, Colin and Peggy Plaskitt rep: David Plaskitt and George and Shirley, Vickers, Susan Bailey, Lee, Denise and Daniel Jebb, Alan Brooks, Jim and Kay Avison, Derek and MaryRigall rep; Phil Winn,Dave Grantham, Denis Hauton, Keith and Joyce Wilson, Steph Sant, Jim Luck rep: Luck of Louth, Stephen Bromfield rep: Andrey Bromfield, Joski McGarel rep: Sean McGarel, Mrs M McGarel, Val and Rob Arundel and Paul Wright, Chris Wright rep: Edna Wright and family, Graham Blackburn, Gordon Adlard, Derek Jackson rep: Louth and District British Legion, Sally, Jeff and Alxander Thompson, Dr G. Parker, Adam Elder, Jason Abbott, Sharon and Neville Abbott, Mr and Mrs Stubbs, Hayley DStubbs rep: Melissa Stubbs, Peter Garratt, Peter Webb, Phylis Dennis, Paul and Karen Walmsely, Mr and Mrs David Adlard, Michael Thornalley, Kieth and Fay Hobson, John Glover, Anthony Limm, Jim and Sheila Smith, Mark Smith.