Petition for Sunday bus service to Grimsby gains pace


One man’s mission to gain a Sunday bus service between Louth and Grimsby has been gathering momentum, just a few weeks after he launched his campaign.

Luke Goodwin, 29, is concerned that people who are willing to work on Sundays, particularly young people in the Louth area, are missing out on potential job opportunities in the Grimsby area due to the lack of public transport between the towns on Sundays.

Mr Goodwin also wants to enhance tourism in the town, and believes that people from the Grimsby area would be tempted to visit Louth on Sundays.

Mr Goodwin drew up his petition in mid-January, and has already received more than 500 signatures.

He presented his arguments to the Louth Area Committee’s ‘Bus Round Table’ meeting on Monday evening.

In front of town, district and county councillors, representatives from the Louth Town Partnership, local residents’ associations and members of the public, Mr Goodwin passionately explained his reasons for wanting a Sunday bus service between the two towns.

He said: “With the economy, it’s even harder to get into a job these days. Young people are fighting for work.

“Louth is a nice place to live, but there’s nothing to do here. There should be transport to the train station and to the hospital in Grimsby.

“I contacted Councillor Sarah Dodds, and she has been positive and supportive all along.”

Coun Dodds, Chair of the Louth Area Committee, said: “I am passionate about people being able to get to jobs, but I’m also very passionate about people being able to visit relatives in hospital on a Sunday.

“I know of people who have to take taxis to get to Grimsby to visit relatives. That’s about £25 each time.

“Luke has done a brilliant job with his petition.”

Visit “Louth Exciting Sunday Bus Service Lincolnshire” on Facebook for more information and to join the campaign.