Philip John Skipworth

The death occurred in Lincoln County Hospital on August 1, 2006, of Philip John Skipworth aged 38 of Louth.

A service took place at St James Church, Louth, on August 8, followed by interment in the Cemetery and was conducted by the Rev Canon Stephen Holdaway. Andrew Flitcroft gave the Eulogy.

Family mourners attending: Malvina Willis, mother; Michael Willis, stepfather; Kevin Skipworth, brother; Elise Duniec, Kevin's partner; Andrew Duniec, Elise's son; Mark Skipworth, brother; Tina Skipworth, sister-in-law; Simon Skipworth, brother; Heidi Skipworth, sister-in-law; Greg Skipworth, nephew; Sophie Skipworth, niece; Edward Skipworth, nephew; Eve Skipworth, niece; Mavis Coady, aunt; Eileen Young, cousin; Mr and Mrs T Watkinson, cousin; Sue Webb, Godmother;

Others attending: John Hillary and Ayesha Taylor, John and Margaret Needham, Ron and Jean Marwood, Geoffrey and Ann Hannant, Malcolm and Sandra Kerridge, Michael and Janet Hawson, John and Anne Hollingsworth, Mike and Lynne Gower, Michael and Jill Muldoon, Andy Plant and Alison Castledine, Peter and Valerie Eden, Ned and Barbara Pickerill, Roger and Lesley Hawson, Darren Keightly and Lucy Limb, Brian and Christine Cliffe, Roy and Caroline Hobson, Mr and Mrs A Rodgers, Eddie and Glenys Hollingsworth, Roy and June Johnson, Michael and Christine Speight, Tony and Margaret Blackmore, Jamie O'Malley and Emma Williams, Adam Baumber and Angelina Speight, Roy and Muriel Palmer, Brian and Linda Steel, Michael and Sheila Webster, John and Deena Taylor, Pete Hawson and Ann Parm Hawson, Gerry and Di Flower, Robert and Denise Hollidge, Don and Jane Macpherson, Andrew and Nicki Flitcroft, Martin Hingston and Denise Graves, Peter and Marjory Maddison (also rep Alan Portas); Ken and Janette Arnold (also rep Eve and Ranshaw); Guy and Julie Moulding (also rep Luke Moulding); Eddie Gower and Bridget Jones, Nick Taylor and RosWatkins, Colin and Nancy Adlard (also rep Karen, Helen and families); Ian and Pauline Blyth (also rep Matthew and Nicki Charlton), Roger and Jane Goldsmith (also rep Justin Goldsmith, Australia); Richard and Denise Garbutt (also rep Adam Grist, Bob Etty and Louth Taverners Cricket Club); Richard Moss and Joanne Goldby (also rep Kenneth and Maggie Moss); Tom Graves and Charlotte Addy (also rep Mole and Graves family and Mike and Margaret Harrison); David Schafer, Roger Hawson, Brendan Clarke, Brian Batchelor, Neville Matchett, Dave Wherry, Reg Cooke, Carl Anstice, David Charlton, Andy Hawson, Jamie Smith, Tim Greenfield, Jordan Mackin, Neil Warne, Mike Moran, Alistair West, David Moye (also rep Judith Moye); Jon Webb (also rep Tom and Edna Webb); Ken Watkinson (also rep Diana Watkinson); Martin Ansbro (also rep Andrew Ware and Simon Neal); John Laking (also rep Malcolm and Lorraine Spendlow); Tuff Robertson (also rep Gus, Sally and Angela Robertson); Ken Dannatt (also rep Joyce Dannatt and Ian and Paula Dannatt); Tony Neale (also rep Margaret Neale, Fred Frost and Robin Leak); Michael Loveday (also rep Beverley Loveday and John Pocklington Ltd); Bob Booth (also rep Norma Booth, (Ex WRVS) and Louth and District Lions); Rosemary Crossingham, Shirley Wood, Cheryl Milson, Shannon Gaughan, Di Barton, Diane Moncaster, Tracy Lashbrook, Margaret Ottaway, Tracy Glentworth, Sheila Ward, Suzanne Glentworth, Johanna Hawson, Sally Newman, Amanda Snowdon, Judy Clarke, Amanda Greenfield, Gill Atkin, Debbie Kennedy, Shirley Poths, Hazel Palmer, Teresa Doe, Enid Rawlings, Poppy Rhodes, Pip Lill-White, Gemma Winn, Sue Ayres, Samantha Winn, Rosie Campbell, Jess Mackett, Maz Whittaker, Jeanette Bell, Edna Bell, Pam Guise, Jean Pritchard, Val Wright, Ann Evans, Ann Monks, Penny Baker, Trish McGrath, Georgina Gibson, Lara Cowen, Emily Goldsmith, Jenny Cox, Lucy Goldsmith, Paula Aldrich (Schoolfriend), Mandy Taylor (Schoolfriend), Trina Wright (also rep Jean Wright); Jackie Ward (also rep Sarah Ward); Joy Wilkins (also rep Mr D Wilkins); Jill Wright (also rep Charlotte Wright); Slim Addison (also rep John Addison); Lydia Strawson (also rep Tim Mudge); Shirley Barker (also rep Justin Brown); Tina Bruntlett (also rep Nick Bruntlett); Margaret Bench (also rep James Bench); Stephanie Fairburn (also rep Geoff Fairburn); Clarice Dowman (also rep Sally, Sue and Katie); Julie Bullivant (also rep Robert and Michaela Gray); Linda Cahalin (also rep Alistair and Colette Woodliffe); Gwenda Burgin (also rep Katherine and Jonathan Burgin); Sandra Ingleton (also rep Phillip Ingleton and Melanie Kidd); Jeanette Brothwell (also rep Joanne Brothwell and Brian Lease); Hayley Wilkins (also rep D Thompson); Brenda Taylor (also rep Maurice Taylor); Trisha Cordell (also rep Kenneth Cordell); Jane Pocklington (also rep Mark and girls); Deborah Collinson (also rep Rob Collinson); Carol Scotney (also rep Jane Scotney-Burke); Heidi Webb (also rep Gordon and Iain Webb); Annette Chamberlain (also rep Golden Fleece); Jill Mackett (also rep Richard and Ruth Varrell); Annie Wells (also rep Nigel Midgley and boys); Susan Williams (also rep Simon Hollingsworth); Rachel King (also rep Stephen, James and Oliver); Janet West (also rep Brooke and Christine Vickers); Diane Pocklington (also rep Belinda and Neil, Australia); Trish Jagger (also rep Nick Jagger, Jo Dixon and Francesca Whitton); Jenny Crutchley and Beverley Fletcher (also rep Louth Social Services); Wendy Moore (also rep Jim, Bethan and Oliver and Louth Jumbulance); Tracey Challis (also rep Steven and Martin Challis and Chas and June Challis);

Representing Louth Players: Joyce Gay (also representing Nigel Gay), Christine Maltman, Barbara Vickers, John Price, Chris Winney, Simon Marsden, Pat Parish, Gordon and Christine Adams, Brian Gutherson, Judy Kitching, John and Maureen Lill, Arrangements were by Mashfords Funeral Services of Cleethorpes.