PHOTO: UFO seen in sky near Louth

Wednesday 2pm - A STRANGE object was seen in the sky over North Thoresby on Saturday.

Holly Anne Lowley, 11, was playing in her garden with her brother at around 9pm when they spotted the weird sight.

Holly said: "I was in the garden playing with my brother when suddenly he shouted to me, 'Holly come quick, is that a rocket?'

"I leapt up and came over to him, I did not have a clue what it was. I shouted to my aunty to come over, but by this time it had moved on across the blue sky so we all ran into the field behind my garden.

"It was still moving at the same speed but suddenly it stopped and after about two seconds it started to fade as we were watching it.

"About two minutes later we saw the mysterious object once again, it stopped and faded just as it had the first time."